Participant Detail:
Winona Lafreniere

Fall 2022 Leadership Council Member

Winona Lafreniere

Project Manager

Indian Resource Council (IRC)


Winona Lafreniere Project Manager / Community Builder / Entrepreneur With a strong background in effective community engagement, project development and policy experience, Winona plays an essential role in the implementing Indigenous-based solutions in energy and sustainable environment projects. Her professional and volunteer experience spans over three decades focusing her efforts on creating meaningful opportunities and lifelong partnerships across Western Canada. As President of Indigenous Innovative Solutions Inc., Winona offers a variety of interactive sessions to enhance inclusive and diverse workforce practices, increase cultural confidence, and pre-employment readiness skills in a variety of settings (business, corporate and Indigenous community). She recognizes the importance of building community to narrow the socio-economic gaps between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. Her passion for the natural environment helps to foster the growing demand for the sharing of traditional land-based knowledge and wise management practices which aids in reducing the environmental footprint. She is humbled by the opportunity to work collaboratively with other visionaries in advancing Indigenous prosperity and environmental stewardship. Areas of Expertise: • 20+ years of Project Management experience • 15 years Indigenous Economic and Business Development • 15 years Strategic Planning and Community Engagement • Proven leadership in developing innovative workforce solutions • Excellent policy development skills • Change Management role model • Passion for environmental stewardship

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