Speaker Detail:
Elder Tom Snow

Fall 2022 Welcome Address Speaker

Elder Tom Snow


Guiding Elder


Tom Snow is a Iethka Nakoda (Stoney, Assiniboine) from the Stoney Indian Reserve in Morley, Alberta. He has been a Facilitator of Traditional Nakoda Teachings and Ceremonies across Alberta, BC and Montana. He managed a Child Services business for 11 years where he provided youth work, language instruction, transportation and family reunification visits. He developed a Wellness program for the Wesley First Nation to address Addictions before coming to Bentarrow Traditional Healing Society. Here he continued as an Elder leading ceremonies, circles, educating staff, reintroducing Families to their own cultural practices and teaching the Nakoda (Stoney, Assiniboine) language. Tom also developed a 96 page Powerpoint presentation on Historical Trauma to address the underlying causes of many Indigenous issues. He is a contributing member, as a Knowledge Keeper, to Alberta Child Services endeavour in making the Youth Suicide Prevention Policy. Tom is also involved with the Kihciy Askiy, Edmonton project, as part of the Elders group, in planning a place in Edmonton for Indigenous people to Gather for Ceremonies, Education and Cultural activities. Tom is also a member of the Edmonton Framework committee. Tom is now back with Bentarrow after attempting a new venture as Elder Indigenous Liaison for GRC Network, a secured World Virtual Communication Service. When not at work Tom enjoys being with his wife, family, and staying connected with his culture, hunting, fishing, camping and ceremonies. He is always in search of more material for Indigenous Antiquity in North America 

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