Summit Voices

Winona Lafreniere

Indigenous Innovative Solutions Inc.

With a strong connection to her Anishinabe roots in Manitoba, Winona Lafreniere lives out her passion through storytelling, philanthropy and supporting the economic and cultural aspirations of Indigenous people across Western Canada.  Being a strong advocate and leader in workforce development and Indigenous governance, Winona recognizes the need for Indigenous Inclusion in all aspects of her role as Indigenous and Community Relations Advisor with Midwest Pipelines Inc.

As President of Indigenous Innovative Solutions Inc., Winona continues to create innovative solutions that focus on closing the socio-economic gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. She has recently partnered with Ducks Unlimited Canada to develop a Wetland Training Centre in the Peace Region to raise awareness and understanding of boreal wetlands.  Her knowledge of the natural environment helps to foster the growing demand for the sharing of ancestral knowledge and wise management practices that will aid in reducing our environmental footprint.

Her work and volunteer experience spans over three decades focusing her efforts on empowering youth from around the globe through the sharing of ancestral knowledge and promoting eco-friendly ways of living. Her recent visit to West Africa has created opportunities for youth to be more actively engaged in the shaping of a more sustainable future and enabling them to articulate their voices as a collective.

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