Summit Voices

Rodrick Hunter

Elder Rodrick Hunter

Elder Rod Hunter is a former elected leader of the Stoney/Nakoda First Nation. Rod is a world class powwow singer. He is the leader of the Eyahey Nakoda powwow world class singers. Eyahey Nakoda has won several singing championships in the last twenty five years. Rod has been singing since he was nine years old. Rod attended  Mount Royal college as an adult student. Rod is deeply involved in the traditional ways of the Stoney/Nakoda. He is a Sundance Maker that has completed three Sundance lodges. He started as a helper for elders and eventually became a pipe holder, medicine holder, and a Sundance maker. Performing a Sundance is extremely difficult and requires total mind and body commitment. The teachings of the elders greatly helped Rod to achieve Sundance maker status at an early age. Rod will continue to sing and keep the traditions of his people alive.

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