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Randall Benson

Owner and CEO
Gridworks Energy

Randall Benson is a Master Electrician and a Power Engineering Technologist, he and
his company, Gridworks Energy, has been involved in countless Solar PV projects,
Indigenous community solar PV and community training projects, Electric Vehicle
infrastructure projects and professional solar design and installation training programs
throughout Canada.

With over 20 years experience in the solar PV industry in both the design and
construction of grid-connected and off grid solar PV installations. and was one of
Canada’s first solar PV installation Instructors and now runs one of Canada’s first CSA
certified Solar Energy Training Centre’s located in Edmonton.

Randall is indigenous and raised in a small indigenous community just south of Fort
McMurray,AB . He grew up with most family members working in the Oilsands industry
one way or another including himself, but it was not long before he decided to go in a
completely different direction in the late 90’s which was solar energy. Fast forward a
couple of decades and he is now considered one of Canada’s most sought after subject
matter experts when it comes solar industry construction practices and training
standards. He was one of a few individuals, in 2008 and 2009, responsible for assisting
CSA, NETCO and CECA in developing the National Standards for solar PV installation
practices and certification for Construction Red Seal Electricians.
In addition to this, Randall is one of a few people responsible for solar training
standards for Electricians for PV installation and has personally trained over 2000 of
electricians, electrical inspectors, engineers, solar enthusiasts and Indigenous
communities throughout Canada and continues to do so at the Gridworks Solar Energy
Training Centre in Edmonton, Alberta.

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