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John Blanchette

Indigenous Engagement Manager
John Blanchette

John Blanchette from Mattawa Ontario, has been working in the Alberta Oil & Gas sector since 2005. John’s education and background is in natural resource management and spent many years with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. He spent several years as a Resource Technician, Wildland Fire Ranger and Conservation Officer before expanding his career in Alberta. There he started working with oilfield service companies in Grande Prairie and then moved to Fort McMurray to work in Oilsands. There he spent several years as a contractor working in Tailings and Reclamations areas. For the last 4 years, John has worked with the commercial team of Mammoet Canada. Due to his background with Indigenous communities and experience in community governments, Mammoet has awarded John the position of Indigenous Engagement Manager. His responsibilities include the business development between Mammoet and their Indigenous business partners. John is also a proud community member of the North Bay/Mattawa Algonquin Nation of Ontario.

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