Summit Voices

Jeremy Makokis

Apprentice Retention Officer
Trade Winds to Success Training Society
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Jeremy Makokis is a proud member of Saddle Lake Cree First Nation located in Treaty 6. His career path has gained him a wealth of knowledge and experience in finance, nonprofit, government, First Nation leadership, First Nations business, and most recently Indigenous pre-apprenticeship training. His knowledge of the many phases of the business world and the guidance of his role models has brought him through many challenges. His role models always remind him of his grass roots, where he came from, and what our ancestors sacrificed for us to be here. One of the teachings instilled in him is to always give back to our people. This teaching is what he continues to strive for in his career. Another teaching he strongly believes in and aspires to adapt is the sweetgrass teaching: one strand alone is not as strong as when braided together. If we all practiced this teaching when engaging communities, industry and government, the possibilities are endless.

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