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Jamie Saulnier

Running Deer Resources
FS19 - Jamie Saulnier - Headshot

Mr. Saulnier is a successful entrepreneur and father who has a deep respect for First Nations People in North America and the lifestyle of being connected to the land. He has always believed in the betterment of community and living together in prosperity. 


Initially starting his carrier in 1994 as a Journeyman Welder, Jamie quickly had adapted his ownership and pride in industrial construction by establishing his first company in 2001, which focused on capital projects in; mining, forestry and the oil sector.  


Jamie recognized a realization of pending labor shortages facing Canada. The vision was to offer training and development programs that would give First Nations People the tools required to enter the Canadian workforce. Establishing Running Deer Resources in 2006 builds Customized Engagement Strategies to maximize opportunities for Indigenous people and Industry. 


Through Jamie’s experience working with industry as well as developing a close relationship with First Nations Communities, he inspired the idea to create a human resource database that produces an inventory of national skills that exist in the indigenous workforce and assets related to economic development. He has also participated in several round table discussions with Industry, Government and Aboriginal groups regarding labor shortages in Canada. By doing so, this database had grown to building better working relationships between nations and industry, heightening the experience in negotiations as well as successful employment and training.  


Since 2015, Working Warriors has become the best service provider that is nationally recognized for building the bridge between Industry and the First Nations workforce. This has reached the pages of the Globe and Mail, popular news broadcasting outlets in both radio, television and journalisms alike alongside several trade magazines.  As the proud founder of Working Warriors, Jamie looks forward to seeing the brighter future in growth, economic development and of course relationships. 

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