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Hal Eagletail

Eaglestar Enterprises Ltd.
Hal Eagletail

Hal Eagletail is member of the Northern Dene TsuuT’ina Nation.
Located in the Treaty 7 area of southern Alberta.

He is the owner of Eaglestar Enterprises Ltd. A company that specializes in Cultural consultant
work for all industries. He also owns a bottle depot business and partners with Pacific
Developers known as Eagle Pacific.

Hal helps hospital patients get back to health with traditional knowledge of herbs and ceremony.
He is also a Master of Ceremonies for First Nation Pow Wows and Round Dance celebrations
across North America. He also facilitates conferences and workshops.

He has traveled international taking Native dance troupe’s to help educate and promote First
Nations history and cultural identity. He’s traveled to New Zealand, Switzerland, Germany,
France and England. In 2007 he was asked by the Alberta Government to represent First
Nations of Alberta at the Smithsonian Folklife festival in Washington DC on Historical Evolution
of Alberta’s Native Peoples.

Humour is one of First Nations best healing medicines and Hal has no shortage of that to

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