Summit Voices

Dione McGuinness

Manager, Engagement
BRITT Land & Engagement

Dione began her career in Stakeholder and Indigenous engagement over 17 years ago, and recently hit her 30 year milestone working in the oil and gas sector.  In that time she has seen a massive shift in the way companies engage stakeholders and Indigenous communities. One significant evolution has been the way in which companies have begun building more economic partnerships with Indigenous communities. As the engagement lead for a large exploration project in the Northwest Territories, she worked closely with communities and Aboriginal-owned businesses to ensure that they benefited economically from the activities in the area. She believes that a large part of the project’s success was due to the partnerships with communities; by supporting Aboriginal-owned businesses, the company and communities were able to work towards common goals and mutual benefits, offset some of the less desirable impacts of development and deepen their relationship.

Dione has successfully led engagement programs, and implemented Impact & Benefit agreements for multifaceted, high-profile projects across Western Canada and the Northwest Territories.  In her role at BRITT she is focused on providing strategic engagement advisory services and training to clients across energy development and transmission sectors.

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