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Janice Laroque

President & Founder
Spirit Staffing
Janice Laroque

When Janice Larocque decided to open her own business, she wasn’t just starting a company; she was finding a way to help the Indigenous community and offer diverse solutions.

As a Metis-woman in the corporate world, Janice experienced many employment issues which were based on stereotypes about Indigenous employees. Determined to dispel those myths and to help Indigenous Peoples advance, she opened Spirit Staffing in 1998 – an equal opportunity employment agency that specializes in bridging the gap between employees and the corporate world. Janice has built a positive reputation and continues to seek change in recognizing the need to incorporate diversity solutions into successful organizations.

Janice is a mentor in the Indigenous community, creating positive change by ensuring Indigenous Peoples are given equal employment opportunities. In fact, Janice has worked with the First Nation and Metis communities for over 30 years and in 1996 she managed the transfer of the federal funding to the First Nations communities, which allowed them to administer their own employment and training programs.

Because of her aspirations, personal drive and achievements, Spirit Staffing has helped thousands of people obtain careers in a variety of fields.  Janice has been acknowledged in the community and has won thirteen awards in recognition of her efforts. She will continue to share her vision and leadership to see her goal of Indigenous inclusion become commonplace.

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