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Heather Lastiwka

Head of Talent, Leadership & Performance People & Culture
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Community.  Corporate.  Vulnerable.  Strategic.  Persistent.  Adventurous.  A walking oxymoron of beliefs and passions.  Yes, all these things can be present at the same time.  Heather Lastiwka has been part of the ATB Financial family since 2015, guiding the full suite of Talent Management.  She has lived the full spectrum of global executive leadership to entrepreneur while being mom, friend, volunteer and partner.  She guides leaders to solutions that unleash business capability through people practice. Her career spotlights the revolution of the expected HR partnership and the criticality of strategically aligned culture. Heather specializes in org effectiveness, strategic planning, leadership, succession, as well as talent consulting within the context of the ‘future of work’.  She is the recipient of 2 awards of excellence in leadership development, a black belt in lean process improvement, and some ‘emerging’ 2-step skills on the dance floor. Above all, getting to unique value in the face of a complex, ambiguous, volatile future (whether organizational or personal) gets her the most energized.  (Along with the challenge of interior design, fostering connected neighbourhoods and anything her kids are passionate about!)

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