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Delilah Mah

BravHer Consulting, Mah Art & Photography
Delilah Mah

Delilah Mah is owner of BravHer Consulting, Mah Art & Photography. She is originally from Keeseekoose First
Nation, located in Treaty 4 territory and married into Treaty 6 my husband is from Alexander First Nation. Delilah has a story to share both on a personal and professional levels. She is a wife, mother, daughter, granddaughter and more recently a grandma. Delilah a Bachelor of Education Degree with a minor in Native Studies from the University of Alberta. Along with over 15 years of experience working with both urban and First Nations peoples and communities – in Indigenous planning, community economic development and business, program development and management.

Delilah shares, “Everyday I feel so blessed & thankful to the women who gave me life – my teachers, the healers, the achievers & my mentors. My late great grandma Philomene – Kokum Rising of the Sun Woman gave me strength & humbleness (1913-2016) my Coco who gifted me with perseverance & hope. My mother who instilled giving and the importance of being kind and compassionate.”

“To my Auntie taught me the importance of advocacy & to always be a voice for others – because I seen her lead
gave me the confidence. My other Aunt who modelled integrity, values & showed me the importance of living a life
without dependency on any substances. Today I have 24 years of sobriety! Lastly, to my other Auntie who is my
inspiration – she modelled and highly emphasized education is key. Today, the Creator along with my teachers
remain my greatest motivation for stepping into entrepreneurship.”

“In 2008 I faced my greatest challenge a life I gave as a teenage mother ended in suicide. This taught me my
greatest lesson never to take something as simple as a breath for granted. Today, my children remain my greatest
motivation along with choosing to live a life free from dependency I have 24 years of sobriety.”

Committing to healing work for both individuals and communities, Delilah adds “As First Nations woman, we have the power to give life. In this journey called life I have found my purpose. It is now my turn to be a giver – a giver of life to commit to giving back to individuals and to the community. It is my turn to teach, to lead, to commit, to share, to help, to support, to give back, to give hope, to empower & to leave others inspired – always.”

“Looking back I took what I needed from each one of my teachers & my resiliency began the day I was born. I am an intergenerational survivor of physical, sexual, mental and emotional abuse of the aftermath of residential school – I have always strived to make my situation, my way of life and my children’s lives better than the one I had to experience.”

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