Summit Voices

Christine Channer Auguste

Manager of Training Services
Ballad Consulting Group

Christine Channer Auguste is an award-winning, community-focused and strategic-minded powerhouse with over 15 years of success in transformational roles across education, marketing and finance. A change-maker and community partner, Christine’s collaborative approach to learning begins with listening to the client and working to understand their specific needs. She then works one on one to tailor a training solution that is based on her clients’ objectives and customized to empower them – through their learning and beyond.

A fierce advocate and ally for life long learning within Indigenous communities, Christine has travelled across Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia to First Nations and Métis communities creating training solutions that are accessible and inclusive. Christine specializes in programs that are customizable, flexible and mobile – with a keen understanding that delivering in-community training removes the common barrier for rural clients who are unable to travel to metropolitan centers.

Driven to create solutions for heightened community engagement and a strong focus on ensuring learners are quickly employed, Christine is able to facilitate mutual success through strong industry relationships and a dedication to building partnerships. Christine’s ability to bring people together results in long-term sustainable solutions for her clients, industry partners and their surrounding communities.

Christine earned her undergraduate degree in Sociology at York University and has more than 10 years of experience in business development and training. She joined the Ballad team early Spring 2019, as their philosophy aligns with the innovative work she wants to continue to do within Indigenous communities and beyond.

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