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Balaji Ganapathy

Head of Workforce Effectiveness
Tata Consultancy Services

As the Head of Workforce Effectiveness, Balaji oversees the functions of Human Resources Business Consulting, Diversity & Inclusion, and Corporate Social Responsibility for over 35,000 employees of Tata Consultancy Services in North America. His primary responsibilities include coaching sales and business teams for business growth, driving talent management and employee retention initiatives, architecting the corporate sustainability strategy, and promoting an inclusive culture.

Under his stewardship, TCS is using its technology innovation, thought leadership and skill-based volunteering to impact the state of STEM education in North America, with a special focus on impacting women and girls, minorities and underrepresented groups. Balaji was awarded the 2017 Charlie H. Moore Award for Leadership in Corporate Community Engagement by CECP, the CEO Force for Good and also presented with the 2017 Million Women Mentors Male Champion of Change Award.

Balaji serves as the Chair of STEMconnector®’s STEM Innovation Task Force (SITF), Chairperson of NPower’s TCC Advisory Council, Vice-Chair of the Million Women Mentors (MWM) Leadership Council, Executive Committee of IMPACT 2030, World Economic Forum’s Steering Committee and is part of US
Chamber of Commerce’s Education, Employment & Training Committee (EETC).

He has a proven track record of envisioning, leading & implementing strategic initiatives that impact business, people & communities. As the Head of HR for Global R&D, he was part of TCS’s Corporate Technology Board with the mandate for institutionalizing a culture of innovation across the organization. As Head of HR for TCS’ Corporate Learning Center, he led a team responsible for onboarding & integrating over 12,000 campus hires.

Balaji is a regular speaker at national forums, presenting a range of topics relating to leadership in business, talent, community & technology. He strongly believes in the unique opportunity to address today’s societal challenges & open the doors to prosperity for all, through the combined power of purpose, people & technology.

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