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Deborah Green

Indigenous Workforce Development Advisor
Suncor Energy
Deborah Green Workforce Forward

Kakike manitohkan iskwew (Eternal Spirit Woman)

“Without knowledge of who you are, and your culture…you are like a tree with no roots”.

Deborah Green (Gopher) is a proud Nehiyaw Iskwew (Cree woman) from the Kawacatoose and Piapot’s First Nations in Saskatchewan. Her journey began many years ago with the history of her ancestors, and the intergenerational impacts of Canada’s history with Indigenous Peoples, within her family. She experienced barriers to equal opportunities, and wanted to make her life’s work was dedicated to drive change for future generations.

Deborah has 20 years’ experience in Diversity and Indigenous employment solutions. Her expertise is in community and relationship building, HR Initiatives, Strategy Framework & Policy, and training. Deborah has developed and integrated workforce diversity strategies, sourcing & developing Indigenous talent, fostering an inclusive work environment, and ensuring management accountability within corporate, oil and gas, education and private consulting industries.

Deborah has an extensive network within Canada, and is established and recognized as an authentic, humble subject matter expert, and role model in the Indigenous Community . She seeks no external validation for the work she does in the form of awards or accolades. Instead, her pride stems from seeing change with Indigenous youth, and equal opportunity Indigenous employment in Canada.

Deborah is now with Suncor Energy as an Indigenous Workforce Development Advisor where she is responsible to support the governance, advocacy, and thoughtful development of applicable Workforce Development projects, programs and practices for Suncor.

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