Moving towards Decolonizing at Work

Workshop | 3:30 PM- 5:00 PM

Session Synopsis

As we identify the intersection between Reconciliation and inclusive workplaces, the opportunity exists for organizations to proactively participate in, support, and advance  decolonial practices in the workplace. Through this session, we will create a shared understanding of terminology, discuss how businesses can advance decolonization, along with how we may shift our workplaces from the mainstream or typical workplace practices to practices that are more inclusive for Indigenous Peoples. Together, Crystal and Gillian will weave Indigenous ways of knowing with western ways of knowing, to learn about decolonized approaches to people and culture practices in the workplace and to reflect on where we can change our workplace approaches to support Indigenous Peoples participation at work. Together, we will consider: What does it mean to decolonize work? How could this show up in workplace practices, programs and policies? Come and hear perspectives to these questions and leave with some new ideas for decolonization that you can bring back to your workplace.

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