Workshop: Cultural Safety, Parallel Perspectives Addressing Intergenerational Trauma: Moving from Chaos to Wellness

Workshop | 11:00 AM - 12:30 AM

Panel Synopsis

Intergenerational trauma is a pervasive issue, challenging families and communities who have experienced multiple trauma and toxic stress. When individuals are in trauma their brain is in chaos limiting their ability to move to the thinking brain or pre-frontal cortex. This affects our ability to form relationships, emotionally regulate and to trust. Trauma is treatable at any point in an individual’s life. We will explore the epigenetic process or blood memory, that is passed down through 7 generations. The memories and behaviors are also positive memories of healing, culture and resilience. This presentation will provide an awareness of how all of us can be affected by our environment not just our genetics. This presentation will address the parallel understanding of wellness and how we build relationships.
 This workshop will provide:
 • Cultural Awareness
 • Core Brain science and intergenerational trauma understanding
 • Parallel ways of healing and creating wellness
 • A model for everyone to create balance and wellness in our own lives

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