The Integration of Reconciliation and Inclusive Leadership

WORKSHOP | 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Workshop Description

 An important part of leading Indigenous employees is to establish relationships based on trust and respect; Reconciliation is relationship. Join Gillian, an HR professional and Reconciliation Practitioner at Rise Consulting, as she shares knowledge on how leaders can make a positive difference in supporting Indigenous employees’ participation in an organization’s workforce.  

This session is intended to support leaders to build strong, inclusive and positive relationships with Indigenous employees. While some of this content is specific for Indigenous employees, many of the suggestions will help to create an inclusive team environment for all, along with providing leaders with direction in engaging, building relationships and supporting Indigenous employees. There are many Indigenous communities, each with distinct cultures, languages and perspectives. Therefore, this session does not represent all aspects of Indigenous cultures and communities, nor what the individual employee may know to be true. By using the tenet, “nothing about you, without you”, the voices of Indigenous Peoples and employees are central inputs into ideas, processes and programs that will impact them in some way. Together, participants will explore ways that leaders can listen, learn, reflect and act in their own leadership journey, to advance Reconciliation and build positive, sustainable relationships for the benefit of all.  

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