Mélanie Corriveau

Corporate Director, Community Relations
Agnico Eagle Mines

Meet Mélanie:

Ms. Mélanie Corriveau is Corporate Director, Community Relations at Agnico Eagle Mines. In her role, she oversees the Company’s engagement strategy with communities and Indigenous Peoples, fostering transparent and respectful dialog, collaboration and long-term trust-based relationships. Committed to building meaningful partnerships, she seeks and promotes initiatives that resonate deeply with and create mutual sustainable benefits for all involved. Her current focus is on forging agreements with Indigenous Nations in Canada and Australia and implementing Agnico Eagle’s Reconciliation Action Plan, a first for any mining company in Canada. Mélanie has more than 15 years of experience in the mining industry. Prior to joining Agnico Eagle, she was responsible for the development of Royal Nickel’s community engagement strategy for the Dumont project.

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