Speaker Detail:
Louise Oelke

2023 Speaker


Louise has an extensive background working and volunteering with a diverse range of people from many different cultures. Born and raised in northern Saskatchewan, she is of Métis ancestry and speaks fluently in Cree and Northern Michif language. She values accessibility, inclusiveness, equal opportunity and democratic processes and is committed to the work that she takes on.

She is the past Executive Director of CUMFI Supported Living Homes, women shelters where single mothers and their children reside and work towards a safe, enriched environment for themselves and their children.

She is also very committed to the Aboriginal community of Saskatchewan. She served on the Board of Directors for the Indian and Métis Friendship Centre, past President of Aboriginal Friendship Centres of Saskatchewan and has served as a committee member for Urban Aboriginal Strategy and the Aboriginal Health Committee.

Louise served for a two year on the Multicultural Initiatives Fund Committee and has served a four -year term on the Sask. Culture Board of Directors.

As the past Director of Women’s shelters she has engaged the clientele with various workshops from Domestic Violence, Anger Management, Traditional Parenting and Individual Counseling.

She continues to serve in the community as an Elder and a Knowledge Keeper, She also offers individual counseling to women experiencing violence and domestic abuse.

She’s a mother of 5 grown children, grandmother of 14 and great grandmother of 7

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