Rising with Inclusion in HR

Level 3 Workshop

3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

As we identify the intersection between reconciliation and inclusive workplaces, the opportunity exists for organizations to proactively participate in, support, and partner on inclusion and belonging actions in the workplace. 

Through this session, we will discuss the growing expectation by society, future workforce, and current employees, for businesses to participate in reconciliation and Indigenous engagement. We will also discuss the value of an enhanced focus on decolonizing HR and how to build, strengthen, and lead in the people and culture space. 

Join Gillian, an HR professional and Reconciliation Practitioner, for an engaging discussion. She will share knowledge on points in the workforce lifecycle where HR can make a difference to support Indigenous participation in an organization’s workforce. More boldly come and learn decolonized approaches to people and culture in the workplace

Gillian Hynes

Gillian Hynes

Director Reconciliation, Inclusion and Strategy, Rise Consulting

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