Speaker Detail:
Jorge Avilés

Fall 2022 Workshop Provider

Jorge Avilés

Manager, Cross-cultural & Indigenous Relations



After a successful but brief career in Civil Engineering, Mr. Avilés went back to school to complete a degree in International Studies (French) at the University of Calgary. His newly unveiled passion for people and social issues took him to all four corners of the globe to manage greenfield, sustainable projects and serve as cross-cultural diplomat in some of the most challenging socio-political systems in the world. 

His years as an overseas Sustainable Projects Manager provided him with more than a decade’s experience in engaging, training, and negotiating with Indigenous groups and Government bodies in Latin America, West Africa, and Southeast Asia. A true citizen of the world, Mr. Avilés also trains other professionals in the art of cross-cultural communications and negotiations. He also takes the time to volunteer his time speaking at conferences such as the Forward Summit, as a guest of the faculty team for the Banff Centre’s Indigenous Leadership program and mentoring graduate students at the University of Calgary. 

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