Inez Ashworth

Founder & Lead Strategist
Inclusive Concepts Inc.

Meet Inez:

Inez Ashworth (she/her) is a cultural innovator, a powerful influencer, a dynamic leader and trusted advocate dedicated to fostering equality and social justice. With a lifelong commitment to empowering individuals to be their authentic selves, Inez believes true leadership lies in creating inclusive environments where everyone feels valued. In grade school Inez was often the one standing up to the bully, the one making friends with the new kid, the one who had a different hairstyle and occasionally wore orange and red together. She still does. 

As an immigrant woman with many invisible disabilities, she understands the innate need to create an environment of belonging and equity. Most of her energy and inspiration comes from community work, volunteering, and mentoring.  

As the founder of Inclusive Concepts, Inez catalyzes positive change through tailored Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility strategies. Collaborating closely with clients, she goes beyond compliance to create lasting cultural impacts, ensuring every individual can bring their authentic self to the workplace. 

Inez is not only a consultant but also a change advocate, contributing to the broader conversation through speaking engagements, workshops, and thought leadership. She counts herself fortunate to pursue her dreams while living a life filled with creativity, energy, and passion. 

Last year she had an amazing opportunity to come out of her comfort zone where she was one of 30 other remarkable and dynamic women, each weaving tales of triumph and transformation on their journey to call Canada home. Each chapter is a celebration of courage, diversity, and the shared narratives that bind us all. 

She counts herself lucky to be one of the people following her dreams. 

Inez is living a life filled with creativity, energy, and passion, and she brings these elements to every project she takes on. She proudly recognizes and is grateful to live on Treaty 7 territory. 

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