Speaker Detail:
Gabrielle Foss

2023 Workshop Provider

Gabrielle Foss

Senior Consultant

Creative Fire


Gabrielle Foss’s work in the sustainability space started when she was doing her business degree at Western University’s Ivey Business School. But it was her opportunity to take part in a special program in Canada’s North that gave her the passion to learn about climate change through an Indigenous perspective, as well as a Western perspective. Gabrielle was part of the Sustainability & Climate Change team at Deloitte, where she supported the development of Indigenous cultural awareness and natural climate solution programs, as well as sustainability strategies and launch plans for major Canadian companies. Fundamentally, Gabrielle believes her sense of self is rooted in the outdoors and in her experiences in nature. It’s why she chose the sustainability field; because she knows those experiences are threatened by human actions. As part of Creative Fire, Gabrielle is able to work with organizations to develop sustainability strategies that are not only reflective of Indigenous priorities, but also reflective of the values to which these organizations aspire. 

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