Indigenous Inclusion & Engagement Strategies – Session 1

Part 1: Indigenous Inclusion Strategies

One word that always comes to mind when developing a true understanding of what partnerships consist of and what could lead to successful business opportunities and common goals, “Mitake oyasin” is a phrase in the Lakota language that can reflect a view of interconnectedness.

We, as human beings regardless of our profession, wish to live a prosperous life and parallel to this is to understand that our neighbours have the same right to a good life. The Indigenous perspective on learning about relationships is key when trying to build successful partnerships in communities.

What are some of the basic skills that are often forgotten about when engaging in community?

How the does the engagement change according to territory, tribe, province/state or even Country?

What are some of the common needs, requirements and expectations?

What type of investment does it require?

Part 2: Active Engagement Community Relations:

With analytical reports, conversations and assessments; Jamie will guide you through the process in creating a stimulating, tangible relationship and understanding key solutions for both communities and industry.

Working Warriors is the result of many years of listening and learning of struggles that communities feel and the challenges industry encounters in relationships.

For years we have been piloting and testing our programs within communities and on jobs sites, through pattern recognition and investing in time to develop positive relationships as well as showing the respect in getting to know true and reliable facts about industry and communities.

October 15 @ 12:30
12:30 pm — 4:30 pm (4h)

MacLeod E2

Deborah Green née Gopher, Dr. Patricia Makokis, Jamie Saulnier, Richard Piche

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