Cristi Adams

Executive Director and CEO
Indian Oil and Gas Canada

Meet Cristi:

Cristi is a proud member of the Lake Babine Nation and acting Executive Director and CEO of Indian Oil and Gas Canada, a Special Operating Agency within Indigenous Services Canada.

IOGC manages and regulates oil and gas resources on designated First Nation lands across Canada.

IOGC has a dual mandate to fulfill the Crown’s fiduciary and statutory obligations related to the management of oil and gas resources on First Nation lands and to further First Nation initiatives to manage and control their oil and resources such as governance.

Previously, Cristi spent 21 years as Senior Project Manager at TC Energy leading construction, IT, regulatory and lobbying projects. In her spare time, Cristi is an appointed advisor to Mayor and Council as Chair of the Calgary Aboriginal Urban Affairs Committee (CAUAC), a Director on the Board for Trellis and Tipi of Hope and has decades in Indigenous Engagement and Reconciliation efforts. Cristi’s vision is to advance IOGC’s priorities, which include Assertion of Jurisdiction and Sectoral Self-Governance.

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