Speaker Detail:
Bernadette Iahtail

Fall 2022 Workshop Provider

Bernadette Iahtail

Executive Director/Co Founder

Creating Hope Society


Bernadette Iahtail has a long-distinguished record of achievement and has demonstrated to be an exceptional leader. She is talented, savvy and dedicated to building relationships within the Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities. 

A Muskeg Cree and a member of Attawapiskat First Nation, James Bay, Ontario, Bernadette is a lifer of the Child Welfare system and has 30 years of social work experience in Child Welfare and Indigenous Rights for families, children and youth who are involved with the child welfare system. 

Bernadette is an educator, a producer, an advocate and an ally. These still play a vital role in the livelihood and welfare of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and has influenced and brought awareness specifically of the injustices of the History of Canada and its ripple effects stemming from Residential Schools to the 60s and 70s child welfare scoop and today’s Millennium child welfare scoop. 

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