Alita Murowchuk

Indigenous Community Engagement Advisor Canada

Meet Alita:

Alita Murowchuk is a human being and pro-human kind, with rich roots of Nehiyaw (Cree) – Metis and Scottish from the Mile Zero City of Dawson Creek British Columbia. Experiences personally and professionally have undoubtedly changed and inspired Alita’s spirit for action, truth and co-creating collective opportunities.

Under her cap professionally is 15 years of friendship working as an Indigenous Career Pathways Director, Liaison, Advisor, Traditional Land Use and Consultation Coordinator, Lead Indigenous Group and Reconciliation Activator in First Nation community, Corporate Canada and a Non-profit.

These offerings have provided a blended perspective in areas of advancing Indigenous need, equality and inclusion, representation, capacity, economies and collective connection of benefit for Turtle Island. A thread of passion and purpose through all that Alita creates is the priority and importance of Indigenous youth’s participation, innovation and inclusion within all decision-making and forward-thinking opportunities that will construct our future and shape the path our future generations will lead.

Above all, Alita is a mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunty, granddaughter, friend, mentee, mentor, change-maker and Nation builder.

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