Workforce Forward

Workforce Forward took place virtually on November 30th, 2021, and the event was a great success!

The day featured two dynamic panel discussions and nine educational workshops focused on Indigenous inclusion training, employment strategies and hiring best practices for HR professionals and business owners. We hope all attendees made many connections, had meaningful conversations and gained invaluable knowledge to empower their journey to becoming an Indigenous Employment Champion. 

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Discover the Speakers

Join the leaders in Indigenous inclusion in panels and workshops as they explore important concepts, strategies, success stories, programs, barriers and other topics related to the Indigenous workforce. 

About Workforce Forward

Does your organization have an Indigenous inclusion strategy? Are you aware of the best practices for hiring, retaining and supporting Indigenous talent? Are you focused on creating pathways to employment?

Equip your leadership group with the right training to develop and grow an inclusive environment for your future Indigenous talent. Now more than ever, Canadian organizations are looking to recruit, train and retain short and long-term with First Nations, Métis, and Inuit groups in order to achieve success and reach their business goals.

Workforce Forward in collaboration with CPHR Alberta welcomes the HR Community for a critical event exploring Indigenous workforce opportunities, training, and inclusion. we are excited to invite you to attend Workforce Forward held virtually on November 30, 2021. 


Why Attend?

  •  CPHR designation
  • Participate in expert led workshops on Indigenous inclusion strategies
  • Explore the impact of a strong Indigenous workforce on the Canadian economy
  • Hear success stories from organizations who employ Indigenous workers at scale
  • Earn CPD hours to be used towards maintaining your

Who Should Attend?

Employees of all experience levels will gain comprehensive knowledge of proven Indigenous workforce tactics and how they can be applied.

  • HR professionals (all experience levels)
  • CPHR Alberta members
  • Workforce professionals
  • Inclusion & diversity professionals
  • Business leaders (small, medium, & large organizations) 
  • Private sector or public sector

Additional Resources

Review Partner Kit

Build long-term relationships with HR professionals and thought leaders by partnering with Workforce Forward, an accredited event in association with CPHR Alberta.

SAIT Report

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology is an academic leader in their approach to Indigenous workforce programming and training. Read about SAIT's pre-employment training program and how they are helping build capacity within Indigenous communities in this featured case study.

Review Agenda

View the Workforce Forward agenda to see a complete list of the workshops and panels that will be happening.

Research Report

Discover key learnings and themes that emerged from past Workforce Forward & Forward Summit events. Download The Workforce Forward Summary & The Forward Together Research Report.

Indigenous Workforce Statistics

Is There a Call to Action for Our Business?

Less than one-quarter (22%) work for an organization that formally or informally acknowledges the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action. Large organizations (38%) are more than twice as likely as small (15%) and medium-sized (18%) organizations to have acknowledged them. Saskatchewan organizations are also more likely than those in other regions to have acknowledged the Calls to Action.

No Indigenous Strategy

Less than one-quarter (22%) of Western Canadian organizations currently have an Indigenous strategy for recruitment, and only one-in-ten (9%) are currently developing one. One-in-five (5%) either currently have or are developing Indigenous strategies for employee engagement (21%), retention (19%), or professional development (19%).

Acknowledging the Truth and Reconciliation Act

One-third (35%) of HR professionals consider themselves familiar with the fact that the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s report included specific Calls to Action for the business community. Those who work for large organizations (52%) are significantly more likely to be familiar with this fact than those who work for medium (29%) or small-sized organizations (33%). Regionally, those in Saskatchewan (47%) and Manitoba (44%) are the most likely to be familiar.

Is Reconciliation Part of Your Strategy?

Only one-in-ten (11%) include reconciliation as part of their diversity and inclusion strategy, and a similar proportion (11%) have a separate reconciliation strategy from diversity and inclusion. In both instances, large-sized organizations are more likely to have strategies in place.

Retrieved from: CPHR Alberta HR Trends Report. April 2019.

Pre-Approved Event

Workforce Forward is pre-approved for continuing professional development hours for CPHR Alberta chartered members. CPHR members can get 5.5 hours on event day, and up to another 11 hours when they log in after the event for the post summit on demand content to gain up to a total of 16.5 hours.

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