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Workforce Forward:Indigenize Your Workforce!

Get the tools you need today to build better, more Indigenous inclusive workplaces tomorrow!

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About The Event

Workforce Forward is the place where thought-leaders gather to discuss Indigenous Inclusion strategies backed by leadership and commitment, relationship building, accountability and action.

Corporations should be intentional with their Indigenous inclusion strategy – beginning with CEO commitment, company-wide Indigenous engagement initiatives and a leadership team dedicated and empowered to build welcoming and safe workplaces for Indigenous talent

Why Attend?

Workforce Forward equips your leadership group with the tools and strategies your organization needs to become an Indigenous inclusion champion. With fewer than half of Canadian organizations having a DEI policy, the time is now to increase investment for Indigenous inclusion training and to hold HR leaders and managers accountable for the outcomes.

Learn From The Best

Participate in expert-led workshops that centre around diversity and inclusion in the Canadian workplace today

Make Connections

Make meaningful connections with Indigenous thought-leaders and some of Canada’s best diversity employers

Good For Business

The learnings you take away help you to create DEI policies that provide your organization with a competitive advantage

Audience Insights

Who should attend Workforce Forward?

Our content is driven by an Indigenous-led Leadership Council who advises our team on trending themes and topics that are relevant across your entire organizational structure, regardless of seniority or experience. 

Senior Management

CDO's, CEOs, CFO's, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors, Owners, Founders, Principals

Human Resources

HR Director, HR Analysts, HR Generalists, HR Advisors, HR Managers, HR Coordinators,

Team Leaders

Managers, Supervisors, Recruitment Specialists, Training & Development Leaders, Coordinators

How Our Content Works

Each iteration of Workforce Forward brings together a curated series of panel discussions designed for all levels of experience, as well as dynamic workshops ranging from beginner to advanced levels. This way, you can decide which sessions are best suited to your level of experience, and customize your Workforce Forward journey to your liking!

Learn more about our workshop learning track levels by clicking on the boxes below!

  • Learning Track - Level 1
  • Learning Track - Level 2
  • Learning Track - Level 3

Level 1 workshops are best suited for those who are just beginning their Indigenous inclusion journey and are unfamiliar with the diverse cultural traditions of Indigenous peoples working in Canada. These workshops are designed to generate a common understanding and an awareness of expectations. You can’t skip this level if you want to create an Indigenous inclusive organizational culture

Level 2 workshops are designed for those who have familiarity working with diverse teams, and are interested in building upon their existing DEI policy to attract more Indigenous talent to their organization. More than awareness, these workshops provide tangible skills and the necessary tools needed to implement changes and create an inclusive organizational culture that attracts, recruits and retains Indigenous talent

Level 3 workshops are best suited for those already actively employing Indigenous talent and collaborating with Indigenous communities, but are interested in moving beyond their existing DEI policy and taking their Indigenous inclusion goals to the next level. They are individually shaped to provide the skills needed to successfully lead an increasingly inclusive workforce. An organization can expect a measurable shift in perspective and behaviour and some forward momentum in changing institutional culture when sending multiple key decision-makers to attend these sessions

Our Fall 2022 Speakers

Meet the experts leading the content behind Workforce Forward Fall 2022
Doreen Bergum

Opening Blessings

Doreen Bergum

It takes a village...

Introducing our Fall 2022 Partners

We are grateful for the support of our Sponsors, Exhibitors and Associations whom without, Workforce Forward would not be possible!

Join the Workforce Forward Family

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My experience was very insightful! I learned about what an inclusive space might look like and strategies to recruiting and retaining an Indigenous workforce.

    Brittany Lodge
    Brittany Lodge

    Youth Programs Coordinator

    I really liked the format of having concurrent sessions that were geared for different levels of familiarity with Indigenous communities and cultural knowledge.

      Lorena Christensen
      Lorena Christensen

      Director, Student Recruitment

      This conference was very impactful and well organized. I loved hearing from such amazing speakers. It made for a very good atmosphere!

        Kiara Johnson
        Kiara Johnson

        Student, University of Calgary

        It takes a village...

        Workforce Forward is the place where thought-leaders gather to discuss Indigenous Inclusion strategies backed by leadership and commitment, relationship building, accountability and action.

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